Find Me Coffee

Advertising For Coffee Shops And Roasters


Coffee Shops

At the core of our consumer-focused coffee platform is the coffee lover, the coffee enthusiast, the coffee consumer. We have been able to attract them to us in impressive numbers and now it’s time for Coffee Shops and Roasters everywhere to leverage what we’ve built and drive these consumers into your establishments. We have many cost-effective options for you to take advantage of and join our marketplace.

Basic Listing:

  • Company Name
  • FindMeCoffee Map Listing
  • Company Address and Phone Number
  • Coffee Shop Description
  • Amenities List
  • Basic back-end access to your listing
  • Free

Spotlight Listing

All of the above, plus:

  • Company Name
  • Highlighted listing during Coffee Shop searches (your listing is featured and ranked higher in local searches)
  • Complete access to the fmc Deals engine (promotions, coupons)
  • FindMeCoffee QR Code and “Review this Coffee Shop” Sticker for in-store (this will include access to all information collected from the codes)
  • Comprehensive back-end access including analytics reports for your listing so you can measure your success
  • $99.00/year

Chains (2 or more locations): everything included for Individual Spotlight Listings plus:

  • Back end Franchise Management System that allows for administration from both head office and management from each location
  • Stats and reports for each location and chain-wide
  • Proximity based push messaging to potential consumers who are close
  • Inclusion in email marketing and social media marketing
  • Specific marketing campaigns
  • Pricing is customized dependent on number of locations

Mobile App Banner Ads:

  • Location-based ads that can be seen on the mobile app by users who are local to your coffee shop
  • Great for building your brand locally
  • Ads will click-through to your Listing on FMC (4% Click-through rate)
  • Full stats and reports
  • All ads are synced to the FMC website and geo-targeted to your local area
  • $10 to $50 a month depending on market size

Roaster Listings:

  • Roaster listing in our Roaster Section
  • Full Roaster description with back-end access
  • Link to website
  • Access to deals engine
  • Can add content to our blogs page
  • Reports and stats
  • $20/month or $200 for a full year