Find Me Coffee

Advertising For Coffee Product Companies and Retailers


Join our online and mobile coffee revolution today!

Due to the success we have had in generating targeted traffic from coffee consumers which has led to increased participation from coffee shop owners, FindMeCoffee is now a very positive asset for companies that sell coffee products like brewers, grinders and specific coffee blends and for both online and brick and mortar coffee retailers. Whether your target market is retail (the end consumer) or wholesale (coffee shops) FindMeCoffee will effectively supplement your efforts to generate traffic and sales. We have the most comprehensive suite of marketing products available for you.

FMC Product Pages: Includes any or all of the following:

  • Showcase 1 or more coffee product
  • Share detailed product information
  • Include all types of multimedia (images, video etc.)
  • Include direct link to company website for instant purchases
  • generate wholesale leads from coffee shops
  • direct consumers to coffee shops and retailers that carry your product
  • with our geo-targeted Product Locator
  • full back-end access to edit content as often as you wish
  • Your product is included in our email marketing to either consumers,
  • coffee shops or both
  • Full access to our deals engine
  • $50 per month in Canada
  • $75 per month in the United States
  • $100 per month North America-wide

Display Ads:

  • Synced ads on both the mobile app and website
  • Ads will click-through to your Product Page or directly to your website
  • All creative is included at no additional cost
  • 1 creative change to the ad per month a no additional cost
  • Full stats and reports (summary page views, clicks, impressions)
  • $50 per month in Canada
  • $75 per month in the U.S.
  • $100 per month North America-wide

Specialized Campaigns can include any or all of the following:

  • Featured product and/or deal email campaigns
  • In store retail marketing initiatives (tasting samples, product testing etc.)
  • creating detailed product locators for your website
  • any other customized online and mobile marketing strategy
  • Pricing is customized based on scope of campaign