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Back To The Bean

101 Silverado Dr
Stoughton, Wisconsin
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As we started out on a journey to bring you high quality coffee that is fresh roasted and responsibly sourced, we began to find out just how much every bean from every source had to tell us. Every bean is unique, just like how every person that had a hand in bringing the bean to your cup is unique. From the tree to the cup your coffee has taken a journey that gave it its own character and story which is told when the coffee's flavor and aroma finally reach your senses. Back to the Bean is committed to telling this story and bringing you 'back to the bean'. 

Before the coffee hit's your cup, much thought and research is put into finding the best beans possible. At the moment we work closely with our importer to find these beans and we reach out to the farmers and form relationships with them. In the future we will be traveling to the sources ourselves to find the best coffees from around the world. Prior to offering a coffee from a specific source to the public, we find out as much information as we can about it's origin including the processing they use, the growing of the coffee trees, and how they treat there workers. When a new source of beans are brought into the shop, we will first roast them many different ways to determine the profile that brings out the best the bean has to offer. These steps we take help us keep true to the bean and the story behind it.

We hope that you will love what we have to offer, and that you will be able to recognize the passion and drive that goes into every single bean that we deliver.


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