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Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.


Smooth, fresh, and easy to customize, cold brew is a convenient way to enjoy coffee without compromising quality or flavour. Using time, instead of heat, we infuse filtered water with premium, locally roasted coffee beans, resulting in a clean, refreshing brew that reduces acidity and increases refrigerated shelf life up to 30 days.

Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. is Toronto’s First Independent Cold Brew coffee company. The slow brewed and handcrafted process provides an elevated coffee drinking experience of quality and convenience. The cold brewing process uses time, instead of heat, to extract the coffee. By steeping fresh grinds for up to 20 hours in low temperature filtered water, the coffee is slowly infused to bring out the flavour notes of each bean. The result is a smooth, clean coffee concentrate that is much less acidic and reduced bitterness.

Enjoy Station on the patio as your favourite iced coffee beverage, mix a refreshing summer cocktail or create a masterful marinade.

STATION is sold in 3 varieties, each uniquely different: 8oz Ready-to-drink Stubby, 32oz Concentrate, and a 30L Keg.

How To Drink Cold Brew Coffee?
Personalize our ready to drink or concentrate varieties to taste by adding water, milk, cream simple syrup or agave.

Direct Trade = Fair Trade + Quality
Station's beans are purchased direct from farmers through our local roaster. Why direct? Going to the source means we pay farmers directly, and they are accountable for the quality of their beans. This ensures the highest quality beans at a fair price.
Not Just For Sipping
Station Cold Brew's versatility brings it beyond just sipping. Mix us into your favourite cocktail, bake us into your favourite dessert or stir us into your secret marinade. The possibilities are endless.
How Can I Order Station Cold Brew?
Station Cold Brew comes in 3 different varieties, each unique for different situations. 8oz Ready-to-drink Stubby, 32oz Concentrate, and a 30L Keg

Currently only available in the Greater Toronto Area
For more information, please visit our website

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