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Planet Green Sleeves

Planet Green Sleeves



What is Planet Green Sleeve's? Our mission is to promote environmental consciousness through the use and sale of reusable beverage sleeves fashioned in an ergonomically designed sense.

Creating a product that stimulates awareness on a global scale. In truth, it is long overdue for not only a design improvement but an engineering innovation towards comfort and functionality that surpasses its predecessor. We believe this product will foster a sense of contribution without having to purchase large ticket items such as solar panels or hybrid automobiles for consumers and their buying decisions that will lead them to (“go green”).

Could the saying…”Good advertising dollars gone to waste” be more literal? One company alone in the United States prints over 200 Million corrugated cardboard sleeves with advertising/logo designs. Sadly, those cardboard sleeves help generate 45 million pounds of landfill waste. That's enough sleeves to circle the Earth 18 times! Even if Planet Green Sleeves products can replace 1% of the world’s cardboard sleeve waste, that is still 45,000 pounds of waste kept out of the landfills.

What's so cool and unique about it?

Here is why we think Planet Green Sleeve’s is so special: It possesses the following qualities… extremely light, US Manufactured, Customizable, Heat/Cold Stable, Superior Strength and Performance.

It's truly Reusable. We engineered it to last for thousands of uses. It is made from a sturdy substrate that is pliable, malleable, bendy and soft to the touch, not a dry chalky feel associated with the cardboard sleeves.

It's sustainable. To us, sustainable means a responsible product that actually reduces your “carbon foot print” on the planet. Planet Green Sleeve’s products will last you for thousands of uses. We are committed to being eco-friendly!

Sleeve Advertising Campaigns

The benefits of sleeve advertising aren't limited to cafes and restaurants. Consider this:

  • The average coffee consumer will spend 49 minutes with your sleeve.
  • The average recall of the information on the sleeve is 65%.
  • In addition to the consumer holding the cup, the average sleeve is viewed by six additional consumers. What’s going to be on your sleeve???


We’re aware no product alone can solve the problem of wastefulness. Nevertheless, by raising awareness and consciousness derived from this environmentally responsible product will give people an easy way to help the planet. If introducing Planet Green Sleeves onto the marketplace we’ll have reached our dream of creating a cleaner world for years to come. Currently, we are in the pre manufacturing phase and expect to be in full production of our anticipated launching by late summer, early fall of 2014 is on schedule. Please call or email us to be added to our growing list of supporters and to keep you informed.

Visit our investment website at for more information.

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