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Hot Straw

Hot Straw

Dawn Miracle created Hot Straw as a solution for Parkinson patients, as many of them cannot drink the hot beverages they once enjoyed. Although Dawn invented Hot Straws mainly to prevent spills from shaky hands, she quickly realized the many benefits for all coffee and tea drinkers. The company produces BPA-free reusable straws that have a fun shape and feel, but more importantly the material they use is FDA-approved for hot beverages.

Hot Straw won a best new product award at Coffee Fest for being such a great, innovative new product, and positive reviews are present both online and in-store. Customers appreciate how the straws help keep their teeth whiter when drinking dark liquids, and that the plastic material does not leach chemicals into warm beverages.

Hot Straws come in several different sizes and colors, and can also be purchased as a combo set with a spill-proof, insulated coffee cup. Staining your teeth on coffee? Straw melting in your cup? Pick up a set of Hot Straws below, and say goodbye to chemicals in your cup!

In honor of our roots, 5% of all profits are donated to Parkinson's research.

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