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The typical lid is a barrier to the sensory enjoyment of a hot aromatic coffee drink. With all of the attention and cost you put into picking the right beans, using the best ingredients and equipment, barista training, and other details that go into creating the best coffee product, why limit the connection between your brand and your customer?
Most shop owners and baristas do not drink from a paper cup with a lid, yet many of their customers do. When is the last time you actually thought about which lid to use in your shop from your customers’ perspective? Have you asked your customer what they think of your current lid? Do you see customers modify the lid by poking a hole in it or tearing the drink hole open? Or do they simply take off the lid to get the full effect of the drink, yet expose themselves to the potential of spilling? Now there is a choice. Introducing “FoamAroma . . . THE LID”. Born out of the desire to take the in-shop open mug coffee experience on the go, FoamAroma is specifically designed for the consumer to access the full essence of the foamy espresso drink, coffee, or tea. The aroma, the foam, and the ability to slurp all are essential parts of the pleasing coffee experience.

Go to for downloadable product information including testimonials, see where to buy, or request samples. Here’s how one coffee shop owner reacted to her first FoamAroma Experience.

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