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Clover Cloud Based Point of Sale Solution

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  • Tracks Inventory and stock
  • Manages Employee Scheduling
  • Helps build lasting Customer Relationships
  • Helps manage operations anytime and from anywhere
  • Accepts Payments with Ease

The Clover system is always sold together with a merchant account - something usually offered by banks that enables you to take credit card payments.

The Clover system is perfect for quick-service restaurants like Coffee Shops.

We know that the "quick" in "quick service" is no joke. You & your employees work fast. You need a system that takes both cash and credit cards, is super easy to use, maximizes order throughput, and won't go down when the internet does. If we're getting greedy about it, please make it pretty, because it's right there on the counter.
 Offer applicable to US Coffee shops Only.

For more details, feel free to contact us at 1 800 961 5282 (JAVA) x.310
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