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Blender Boyz

Blender Boyz

Season's Greetings from Blender Boyz

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BLENDER BOYZ is the ONLY single serve iced cappuccino, smoothie and cocktail mix blender drink on the market today. Fast easy and tasty. And it’s liquid, which makes it smooth! We’ve taken out the variables for you. With our products, you get portion control, consistency in taste and no waste. That means you save time and money.

The “recipe” is simple:

1 Blender Boyz pouch
1 cup of ice
2 oz of milk, water, yogurt, OR spirits

In less than one minute, you have a drink that tastes great every time...
And we use REAL coffee and REAL fruit !

And we believe that we’ll Tweet and Facebook about you. ! And send you support material to help you sell Blender Boyz.
It’s that simple...All you have to ask your customer is:

Whatz your blend?

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