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Rum infused coffee without the booze?

Avatar Posted on: 2017-04-06 2:39 PM
Ever find yourself getting sleepy on a night out drinking, wishing you had some coffee to wake yourself up? Better yet, ever feel hungover and debate whether you want a drink at brunch or just a cup o’ Joe? Now you don’t have to decide.
Fire Department Coffee has launched the first ever line of coffee infused with spirits. Granted, it won’t actually get you buzzed, but it tastes like it could. The line includes three different coffee flavors: rum, tequila, and bourbon infusion.
With its roasting facility based out of the City of Rockford, Illinois, the company was founded by actual firefighters. They say that they learned on the job serving in the military and fire department that “caffeine and good tasting coffee are critical for long nights and high-octane lifestyles.”
The new line of spirit-infused coffee uses a proprietary infusion process, which takes a far step outside the traditional cask barrel aging process. “Consumers will taste the flavor they love with none of the negatives of the barrel aging process,” says Luke Schneider, who co-founded Fire Department Coffee in July 2016.
The new infusion process also gives the company an opportunity to experiment; they already have plans to release other limited edition spirit flavored coffee products, too.
“Here at Fire Department Coffee, we pride ourselves on our work to create coffee that the working class can be proud to drink,” said Schneider. “We are positive that the Spirit-Infused Coffee Line will be right at home among our other quality products.”
Just think of it like an Irish coffee, minus the guilt of getting drunk in the am.
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