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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Avatar Raymond Williamson Posted on: 2016-10-07 2:00 PM
It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Canada is a great country and we have a lot to be thankful for but we can always do a little more. I’d like to suggest a few ways that we can express some thanks (not all of them are coffee related).
On being thankful for our beautiful wilderness
Save the world a little bit and don’t take a to go cup. When you stop into your regular haunt for a cup, don’t take the “to-go” cup. Bring your traveller or buy one of theirs.  Coffee cups take up to 400 years to decompose.
On being thankful that we have plenty

Pass that coffee or its equivalent value on to someone in need. Those pennies can make a lot of difference in someone else’s life.
On being thankful for friends and family
Share a few moments with friends and family enjoying our beautiful cities and country sides. If you stop and enjoy a cup on the way I’m sure you’ll make your local barista thankful too.
Donating to your local food bank

If you are planning to make a donation to your local food bank add a small tin of coffee to your package. Coffee is genuinely one of those luxuries that we can take for granted that others simply often can’t afford.
Enjoy family, be safe, eat well and for those who partake…Happy Turkey Day!
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