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Coffee Mug Preferences Predict US President

Avatar Posted on: 2016-05-19 12:04 PM
As the campaigns move forward, did you know that a local family owned and operated business is behind all of the famous political coffee mugs?
In fact, sales at The Allen Company in Blanchester have predicted the winner in every single presidential race over the past several years.
"The party that buys most with us has won every time. Order more mugs from The Allen Company. If you order early and often, your candidate is gonna win," said Stan Dohan, the company's president and his family's third generation to helm the business.
So far, sales from Trump and Clinton mugs are running about even, he said.
The closer the elections get, the more orders come in.  The Allen Company produces about 20,000 per day as the provider of presidential election drinkware, which has to be manufactured in the USA, for Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
The Allen Company maintains a nonpartisan approach to its product.
"It's like Switzerland," Dohan said. "We take the business and do it all, we don't pick sides. When they need them, they need them."
The company also has come out with thousands of Barack Obama mugs.
"It had a photograph of Obama on one side and his birth certificate on the other," Dohan said.
Since 1959, The Allen Company has produced and decorated ceramic, glassware, acrylic, stainless steel, Tritan drinkware and hydration as well as its selection of Camelbak, Blender Bottle and KORwater branded products.
The supplier firm has undergone tremendous growth over the past four years, deals with 8,000 distributors globally and continues to expand.
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