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Coffee and Easter Eggs

Avatar Posted on: 2016-03-23 4:34 PM
We all know how great chocolate tastes with coffee, but here at La Cimbali UK we have been thinking of other things that go just as well.

Coffee cake
So focused is this foodstuff on being paired with coffee, you can’t even mention one without the other! Our favourite is the kind that has a really thick layer of coffee flavoured cream on the top and plenty in the middle too, and, it has to be super moist and crumbly so that it melts the minute it touches your lips.
Donuts were just made for dipping! All donuts can be dunked, but our first choice are the plain round ones with a slight dusting of icing sugar. Of course if you are feeling like being extra naughty then you can dip one of the filled variety in your espresso which have jam or chocolate in the centre, and experience something really special.
Toast is so trendy right now that it’s having a bit of a revival! It’s now being served alongside espresso coffees in the best cafes in the world. Simply choose your topping and you’re ready to go! If you want to give your morning an extra boost then add a layer of chocolate spread!
For some nations waffles are part of daily life. Take Holland for example where baristas put the stroopwafel (or syrup waffle) on top of coffee cups! It does sound a little strange, but as soon as it starts to soften up from the steam and curl over the edges it becomes infused from the coffee aroma – what’s not to like!
Easter eggs
We couldn’t not mention Easter eggs. This year there are more varieties to try than ever before, and there are few things more pleasurable than dipping bits of broken chocolate in your coffee – but please try and pace yourself though, they don’t all need to be eaten in one day!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from everyone at La Cimbali UK
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