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Avacado and Coffee

Avatar Posted on: 2017-04-21 2:06 PM
We've read many convincing cases for ditching coffee. But no matter how many caffeine crashes we complain about, some of us just aren't willing to give up the java. That doesn't mean we aren't willing to try healthier alternatives, though. If this sentiment resonates with you, we've got some good news and some rather controversial news, depending on your flavor palette. If you're worried we're going to suggest swapping out your cup of joe for a superfood latte, worry not—you can make your morning drink healthy without eliminating coffee altogether. Here's where things get interesting…
Sara Gottfried, a leading doctor specializing in hormone health, reveals that the secret to having coffee without the crash is dropping a few slices of avocado in your mug. And it works every time—as she explains in MindBodyGreen, the healthy monounsaturated fats found in avocados will prevent that jittery feeling you get from caffeine overload.
Avocado can also inhibit insulin spikes, which result in "leaky mitochondria, and even harm the hippocampus in the brain, responsible for emotional stability and memory storage," she explains. Plus, avocados' antioxidant and fiber properties maintain hormonal balance, particularly keeping estrogen levels in check. If you want to try this superfood-rich concoction, Gottfried suggests preparing it with creamy coconut milk, which can lower blood pressure and improve digestion.
If you'd prefer to get your avocado fix in a more conventional way, shop the cookbook below for endless avo recipe options to enjoy alongside your usual coffee order.
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